Yote is evolving a bit faster than this page is updating. Bear with me and I'll have updates when I can. This site is tres anemic, which is great for testing, but makes the page loadings less than zippy.
There are a few components that Yote has, and perhaps these should be separate projects

The Yote object store no longer uses mongo or mysql or sqlite. It uses a collection of yote specific fixed record databases. This is dozens of times faster than the other options, and it is written in pure perl so the installation is much lighter (looking at you, Mongo). It also drastically simplifies setup.

The idea of the objects store is that you can store a graph of related objects, starting with a root, and are able to navigate to any. The objects are loaded as needed and are automatically stored as long as they can trace a reference back to the root node.

Templating news : Yote templates are now stand alone as well. I have to decide on how to incorporate async calls yet have the feel of syncronous. Promises may look promising but their feel is so much different than normal imperitive programming and don't lend themselves to lots of lookups where the data may already be on the client side and no contacting the server is needed.

Development Focus

Well, everything, but specifically