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About : cartoon car guy author of the sci fi postmodern novel: Dora Dutch


One Hundred and One Elephants
An elephant searches for clues in the dark
Sam Pachyderm knew he was in a noir, but that didn't stop him looking for clues.
Behind the screen at the movie theater...
Looking out of the window, and also, looking through a cheese shredder.
Guess what. Some people have opinions different that you, so shut up
Cully got a job making fun of pies
Right after she said, "Make me a pie, if you please."
Starving artists are usually slightly hallucinating, which makes their art somewhat psychedelic.
The sidewalk chalk artist proved to be as ephemeral as his art.
But have you TRIED it at least ONCE!?
I made this special dessert just for you. Enjoy! ;)
Cat and hairball slowly getting acquainted.
Go away! you're not my fur ball ,I' m grey.
Kitty is not going to have any of your sass, Mr. Coconut!
The purple King returns.
The probability of the cat having been both, in the Cheetohs and also on Skype, was apparent.
My asshole cat spilled all my cheetos, and now he's skyping. I didn't even know he knew how to skype
Catnip and dog videos. A dangerous combination!
Fluffy was watching dog movies and taking catnip when she exploded.