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"Is Wario A Libertarian" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,
You had to lock the comments on you super in-depth YouTube video about Waluigi's nationality because it got a bit out of hand
Waluigi was banned from YouTube for hate speech.
Whenever Mario's cousin Rario sees u online, he can't help but tell u how much he thinks u suck.
Nintendo declared bankruptcy after the Rascal Bros release fiasco.
Overalls are *back*
Whatever you'll find behind door #3 will be LIT!
Never switch to what's behind Door #3. It will just blow up in your face.
Let's Make a Deal with the Devil! Behind Door #3? The raft you needed to help your dead friends.
Lets get some extra arms in here!
Stay Hip, stay cool, get a new Robot-arm™ this summer.
Jaime Sommers, aka the bionic woman, is enjoying a well deserved vacation.
Robot supermodel on the beach steps on crabs and watches flower-face airplanes fall and die.
SheDroid-1.0 takes her programmed noon walk around the island—when the 4th Daisy World War erupts!
Like shooting fish in a barrel.
The sequel to Shooting Fish in a Barrel, Barrel Bandito's: Take Another Shot!
And you know you're in trouble when the fish in the barrel are shooting back!
One went down, two to go! Fishes in the barrel with guns are about to surrender!
After one of them got shot, the Blue Fish in a barrel finally surrendered.