Scarf Poutine You Clone

Collaborative Comics


An RPG but an orc, elf, dwarf etc. are playing as humans in an office environment
The elf, dwarf and warrior play the new Corporate Slaves role play game
Advanced Cubicle&Accountants
Bob was just like everyone else, except he had the power to start, stop or slow down time.
What has two thumbs and is ready to rock around the clock? THIS GUY!
Making toothpaste addictive would result in a lot more people with clean teeth.
Trump is a bum with unusually white teeth. Why is that?
The quintessential shit-talker.
...and then she picked me up and carried me around in a plastic bag!
Buy now, the new Uni-Slipper, the perfect accessory for amputees!
The cat ate my homework
My cat has informed me that he does not agree with your teaching methods.
beware the vampiric cat guarding the skull of gold.
Thou shalt not pass the vampiric cat, Mighty Golden Skull keeper! it bites you on the neck also!
This is a Gandalf the Grey and Nospurratu crossing zone. Please drive safely.
She never, never gave up on the Jefferson Airplane!
Thomas Jefferson Airplane
The Stones have been at the top of the rock charts for a looong time.
The clueless stones, topping the charts again.
Atop of the music charts was the single "Non Stop, No Paws" by the garage rock band Poop In Various States of Decay.