Scarf Poutine You Clone

Collaborative Comics



Stop playing games with my heart.
The idea for a board game as a Valentine's Day date wasn't going as well as he expected.
It's our anniversary, darn it! This is not some love game!
Now I'll roll to see if your gifts impress me. 3d6, need 10 or higher...and...nope, not impressed.
Human evolution was thrown out of whack when no one could identify the a 3D number nine
A bald eagle in a top hat visiting the Eiffel Tower
Mr. Peanut stands atop a french monolith.
Fancy Mister Peanut mounted Monsieur Obsidian Obelisk.
"My Costume Itches" "Enaff, mon cheri, at least you are not zee mount"
"And this, children, is what Hell looks like."