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So how do I turn it on?
<b>T'was the camera that did the dirty?</b>
Senpai, I have this massive camera but I can only take photos of poop
"Senpaii I took a photo of you!" "Dafuq is this shit?!"
Another so-so selfie!
No lions on the earth
After conquering the world the african wildlife split the continents between them. Except Lion. Lion went to space.
My commission of Lion from Steven Universe didn't go very well. I told the artist "He's a space lion"
The least favorite ride at Molarworld.
the other teeth were jealous of the fang
Dracula's favourite incisor
Sticking your tongue out, but dead inside
This is the maths formula house, come in and do the maths
Yellow dog, black cat & red cow.
the yellow nose leaks
I smell water
I really miss the ocean...
A mermaid and a scorpion are having a bad date on a cactus