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The best friendships have the best pranks.
When somebody tries to hand you a giant bee, just squirt them in the face with your prank flower.
"Ha! You got me with the old squirting flower and death by bees trick!"
LAUGHING WHEN YOUR NEIGHBOR PASSES OUT IS MEAN! (especially when they're allergic to bee stings)
If there were two things that Wilson really enjoyed, they were lawn care and schadenfreude.
But have you TRIED it at least ONCE!?
I made this special dessert just for you. Enjoy! ;)
Cat and hairball slowly getting acquainted.
Go away! you're not my fur ball ,I' m grey.
Kitty is not going to have any of your sass, Mr. Coconut!
The purple King returns.
The probability of the cat having been both, in the Cheetohs and also on Skype, was apparent.
My asshole cat spilled all my cheetos, and now he's skyping. I didn't even know he knew how to skype
Catnip and dog videos. A dangerous combination!
Fluffy was watching dog movies and taking catnip when she exploded.
Mark Zuckerberg used to be a hero of the digital age, but now he has lived long enough to see himself become the villain.
Social media ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Tom was tripping so hard that he thought he was a skeleton and that his computer was sentient.
"How does the internet keep removing my skin?"
Whatever fetish floats your boat, you perv!