Scarf Poutine You Clone

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I woke up with a crick in my neck.
over night, searing neck pain turned into shearing neck pain.
Giraffe girl really has let herself go
Find the missing limb of this Giraffe...On steroids.
Steroids are bad news. Even a giraffe could lose a leg!
Overalls are *back*
Whatever you'll find behind door #3 will be LIT!
Never switch to what's behind Door #3. It will just blow up in your face.
Let's Make a Deal with the Devil! Behind Door #3? The raft you needed to help your dead friends.
If you got $1000 but one person would die every time you pushed this button, would you- hey Dave chill out on that button bro...
Chopping nuts.
Filbert and Wally went nuts. It was a total hatchet job.
Nutty McNutface meets their Nemesis.
"Oi, crack THIS, tough guy!"
le toucan has arrived
Oui oui, l'homme du toucan!
Tucan Sam took on some rather seedy side work.
...and others call her The Tuncan't!
Playing dodgeball with a barrel seems kind of unfair.