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About : Cake or death?


The cat ate my homework
My cat has informed me that he does not agree with your teaching methods.
beware the vampiric cat guarding the skull of gold.
Thou shalt not pass the vampiric cat, Mighty Golden Skull keeper! it bites you on the neck also!
This is a Gandalf the Grey and Nospurratu crossing zone. Please drive safely.
My mailman was upset with me.
An exceptionally spicy letter was delivered this morning, to my dismay.
Even junk mail is rejecting me
Don't open that mail! It's just more bad news.
"Here's your paycheck, Brian, it comes with an explosive raise!" said Mr. Goldsachs, who was kind of a dick employer.
Piss off, ghost!
The lumpy ghost was unable to help a fly stuck in gossamer
Fly stuck in a spider web asks Blinky for a light
whole new levelon Pac-Man released now!includes aspiderweb anda pipe smoking fly,wait is that weed!
"Pac Man is whack, man.", said the spider to the fly.
I woke up with a crick in my neck.
over night, searing neck pain turned into shearing neck pain.
Giraffe girl really has let herself go
Find the missing limb of this Giraffe...On steroids.
Steroids are bad news. Even a giraffe could lose a leg!