Scarf Poutine You Clone

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The clown had a funny face.
Zenyatta in clown makeup
Not sure I like these reindeer games.
Mrs Schmidt I'm telling ya "Christmas is way out of line nowadays, not once used to be!"
"Let me *hic* lemme tell ya, fluffyfeet, ya ain't no seen naht a good boy o' girl allyear, there'all spoilt n'rotten n'ungratefllzzzzzZZZ."

I totally forgot to make the first bar patron (on the left) the mythical creature. She was supposed to be the tooth fairy, but I zoned before I finished. Oh well, she's just the off-duty tooth fairy, I guess. dec 2018


Also, Poodle's Reindeer/Hunger Games pic is the BEST! dec 2018


I'm digging the carrot beer. mar 3


what an awesome Finale! Auto p.. in my pants laughing :D amshark epic pic btw! mar 3


I guess I'm the only one who appreciated the Zenyatta/Overwatch reference. I had no idea Zenyatta was also a horse also...learn something new every day. mar 5


OH! Thanks for clearing that up, TheTyrantVirus. I had to Google Zenyatta, and the only thing I came up with was a horse. But now that I've googled "Zenyatta Overwatch", I get it. (Also, I had to google Overwatch to see if it was a comic, movie or game - I'm from the SuperMarioBros set myself - I still think of MarioKarts as a NEW game). mar 5