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My mailman was upset with me.
An exceptionally spicy letter was delivered this morning, to my dismay.
Even junk mail is rejecting me
Don't open that mail! It's just more bad news.
"Here's your paycheck, Brian, it comes with an explosive raise!" said Mr. Goldsachs, who was kind of a dick employer.
noodle poodle
The Yulin people likes their dogs Raw,I mean very... :(((((((
When she ordered the "Hot Dog" at the fancy restaurant, this isn't quite what Ellie was expecting...
"Let's eat us a fetus!" Father cheerfully sprang from the kitchen, grinning wildly.
Mr. Spock had to fill in for Speed Racer.
Are you OK in there? What are you doing in there? Huh? Huh?
In Roman times they would scrub your skin off at the Spa...
Dr. Yu explains how to exorcise the soul of a skeleton. A brush is mandatory. The toga is optional.
"What poses the gravest threat to man: skeletons, demons, or hair care products?" pondered Socrates.
At the dentist. He complains every time that my tongue is too strong and I can’t control it to stop
Yoga. For inner peace and to find the tooth.
The tooth fairy meditates each evening prior to going out to perform her grisly deeds.
Lord, give us this day our daily molars, and lead them not to a dentistry, but under a pillow, amen.