Scarf Poutine You Clone



Coyo here. I really miss the the eat poop u cat site, so I've made this clone of a site. The original site and this one is a way to create collaborative comic strips.

To get an account, contact me or any of the admins of the site. Include the user handle you would like.

Any art submitted is still owned by the artist. By submitting art, you grant madyote.com the right to display it in the strip.

How to Play

Log in and click the find a strip to play link. This will show you either a picture or a caption. If you have a picture, you can play by writing a caption for that picture. If you have a caption, you can upload a picture for it, or reserve it so that you can work on the picture in your lesiure without worrying that someone else will draw the picture. You can reserve up to three captions this way. Also, you can click on a strip to show who drew which panels and also give kudos.


Recent Strips

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